Photographer consultant to help you

Get confident with your sales & workflow software fast.

Most photographers I know aren’t secret software geniuses. They’re artists. But try telling this to the makers of the major IPS and studio management software for photographers.

So if you’re banging your head against your keyboard, fed up with how dang complicated your software is…You’re not alone.

And I can help.

As a photographer consultant, I hold your hand through, choosing, implementing, and navigating your software




Business & workflow diagnosis to cut the guesswork

Hands-on training & set-up so you’re ready to go

Recommendations for the right software for you

Step away from your stress-inducing research spreadsheet. I’ll find the exact combination of software you need (and nothing you don’t).

I’ll examine how you’re currently running your business to uncover the best ways to improve your sales, save time, and reduce stress through software and products.

I’ll handle the set-up. Then I’ll walk you through exactly how to use your software. By the end, you’ll be able to use everything with ease - even when a client is watching.







Best for photographers who have already set up software but want to hone their systems, workflow, and business --

-- so they can ramp up their sales and save their limited time for tasks in their zone of genius.

This package includes 5+ hours of 1:1 support every month, customized to what your business needs.

Best for photographers who want to earn more money by increasing their average sales and streamlining their workflow --

-- but are feeling overwhelmed trying to choose and implement sales & workflow software on their own.

This package includes 20 hours of 1:1 help, customized to what your business needs.




Is hiring a photographer consultant worth the investment?

What software can you help with?

Short answer: Most.

I’m a photographer myself, and I’ve also worked for 20+ years as a photographer consultant for dozens of solo-photographers and big studios alike. So I have plenty of hands-on experience with most of the available software out there.

Here’s a shortlist of common software I’m an expert on:

  • ProSelect
  • CRMs (Pixifi, Studio Ninja, Dubsado, 17hats, ShootQ, LightBlue, Tave, and more)
  • Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • Well, it depends: What is staying confused and overwhelmed with your sales and workflow process costing you?

  • How many dollars are you leaving on the table because you can’t reliably sell prints and products?
  • How many potential clients are falling through the cracks because you forget to follow up?
  • How many clients don’t refer you because you seem a little disorganized and unprofessional?
  • How many hours have you wasted your limited $100+/hour time asking in Facebook groups how to do something in your software?
  • How much stress (financial or otherwise) can you take before you burn out?

    This decision is an important one. If you’re not sure if hiring a photographer consultant is right for you, book a free consultation call. I’ll be upfront if I don’t think this is a good investment for you.
  • “I've heard about ProSelect since I started photography. It was just like Mount Everest to climb because I didn't know where to start.

    After working with Maureen, I have finally implemented it, and now I make much bigger sales. The first client I had out of the gate was a €13,800 sale because I was 100% confident using ProSelect. I was very well prepared by Maureen.

    Maureen takes the ball, she makes a goal. She makes all the features in ProSelect easy to understand and easy to implement and easy to sell. Not only that but the program makes my business much more efficient and more money.

    If you’re considering working with Maureen, I'd just say go hire her. Just hire her. Don't think about it, just do it."

    -Charlotte Starup-Hansen, founder of Charlotte Starup Photography

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